Add filetype to list in FileSystem Directory View.

Recently I have added flv file in product skin directory and register flv extension to MIME type registry but it wasn’t listing in product skin directory in ZMI. I was wondering what I was missing after a bit digging I workaround one patch which need to apply at CMFCore/

Basically file extention need to be register in FSFile type.

registerFileExtension('doc', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('txt', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('pdf', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('flv', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('swf', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('jar', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('cab', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('ico', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('js', FSFile)
registerFileExtension('css', FSFile)
registerMetaType('File', FSFile)

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