Google Content API for Magento 1.6

Google Content API for Magento 1.6


Go to “System > Tools > Compilation” and be sure the status is set to Disabled

I’d also disable your cache to save you from any headaches (System > Cache Management).

1) Go to your connect manager and install the extension (Extension key:

2) Click to install the extension

3) Before installing it will ask you to confirm and say there is a conflict with Mage core 1.5 . Ignore this adn proceed.

4) It will kick an error saying there was a conflict. Ignore this and hit refresh.

5) After the page refreshes scroll down till you see “Mage_GoogleShopping” and select “Reinstall” next to it then hit “Commit Changes”

6) It should reinstall the extension without any problems and voila! Should be working perfectly.

This worked for me before when using and

Let me know if you encounter any problem.



  1. PHilippa Knight : March 17, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    This worked perfectly for me in 1.6.2.

    Headache over

    thank you

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