Tag Cloud for Plone 3

I was building new site using Plone 3.1.7. I had to install tag cloud for the site and I couldn’t find any add-on product that I can use for this version. So decided to use TagCloudxplorer product by applying small patches for making it compatible to Plone 3.



After copying this two products in Plone product directory which is generally (path_to_plone_instance /data/products/). Open install.py which is resting at DataProductsTagCloudExplorerExtensions

Search for below code under install definition.

addPortlet(self, outStream)

and comment it out because Plone 3 got different portlet layout which is no longer use classic portlet used in Plone 2.After commenting out code definition of install method look like below.

def install(self) :
    outStream = StringIO()
    skinsTool = getToolByName(self, 'portal_skins')
    addDirectoryViews(skinsTool, 'skins', config.GLOBALS)
    installSubSkin(self, config.SKIN_NAME, outStream)
    #installSubSkin(self, config.SKIN_OVERLOAD_NAME, outStream)
    addTool(self, outStream)
    #addPortlet(self, outStream)
    setupCSS(self, outStream)
    installConfiglet(self, outStream)
    addCacheManager(self, outStream)
    return outStream.getvalue()

This portlet need to add in Plone 3 portlet column. Navigate to to section where you would like add this portlet and click then manage portlets. you can manage portlet by placing “@@manage-portlets” at end of the URL in the browser. Add classic portlet on right or left column.

Give template name portlet_tag_cloud_explorer and portlet as a macro name to custom classic portlet.

TagCloudExplorer provide a configuration page available from the control panel. Mainly I use allowed stated Published with exponential method with min 1, max 4 and size 10 as tags scale mapping.


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